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Talk about a gift dilemma; I couldn’t think of anything Sophia could gift her grandfathers this year for Father’s Day. After much thought and a sudden realization that they both like sweets and especially chocolate, I made them funny money good for a baked confection. Funny money is very popular these days — just look at bitcoins. If you can make it as a result of solving cryptographic problems, then you can make it out of lavender construction paper and use it for delicious morsels. I just hope the grandfathers realize that unlike real money or even bitcoins, our funny money is only good until the next Father’s Day.  Funny Money

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… falling off the wagon. Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s boyfriend accidentally fell off the wagon? I have no weaknesses when it comes to liquor, but chocolates and nuts are a different story. A little over a week ago, my mother-in-law introduced little Sophia to Graham crackers or Grammie crackers as she called them. Who doesn’t like graham crackers? Rich with vanilla and cinnamon notes (can you believe I just said notes?), they are delicious. They are simply sublime with a little bit of peanut butter and if you really want to splurge, top with a thin slice of a banana.

I remembered what I had been missing all these years after sitting down little Sophia for an afternoon snack and a spot of mint tea. Really, who do you know, who loves sweets as much as I do, would be able to sit and watch such deliciousness devoured and not try a little bit? Besides, her latest schtick  is to share her delicious morsels with those around her. She eats and then decides to offer for a taste loudly declaring “Maaamaaa, maaamaaa, eat”. Sophia then promptly deposits a little piece of whatever edible item (sometimes once she licks it… making sure it is good for you to eat) on the edge of her tray and says “‘Dere [there] you go!”

You can’t say no to that… and you can’t say no to peanut butter, graham crackers and bananas — on their own or together in a perfect little tapa. Now… if only I couldn’t say no to a 5 am wakeup and a trip to the gym. Alas… I don’t have a weakness for exercise equipment.

Here’s what happens after we share Grammie crackers with peanut butter, banana and a cup of tea…


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{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.



Turns out that in Japan, women court and gift the men on Valentine’s day. The Japanese are prudent people, and as such, have of course designed an insurance policy that ensures a man can get attention on the special day. The insurance policy provides the man with chocolates and other goodies on the special day from a mystery woman … named Reiko (though I gather you could choose whatever name) should he find himself loveless.