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This space has been decidedly sparse this past week because we went on a beach getaway with my family. As they say, the early bird gets the worm and this year, my parents got the worm by inviting all of us on vacation. Better still, my sister and I chose the destination, the date, and all else. Baba and Deda babysat, my sister and I caught up on … on everything and the kids did what kids do best—played and bonded. There was also, plenty of peace, quiet, and relaxation for Evan and me.



It just so happened that our vacation marked a few firsts; Sophia’s first voluntary and mostly enthusiastic venture into the ocean, her first time actually swimming (ice cream scoops) in the pool, first time having sushi (raw fish and all), and Eliza’s first birthday.




We chose Fort Lauderdale, Florida as our destination because we wanted to vacation early in the summer, enjoy a warm, azure ocean, and see palm trees without leaving the country. We could have, and did indeed consider the gulf (of Mexico) with Destin being a particular favorite but did not want to drive three hours after a three hour flight with young kids. In any event, after settling on Fort Lauderdale, we rented a spacious house with a pool on the beach.



The house worked out extremely well and we enjoyed lazy morning swims in the sea, afternoon pool time, and leisurely evening dinners followed by even more leisurely post-child-bedtime relaxation. Evan and I accepted my parents’ and sister’s offers for help with the girls and had plenty of time to enjoy the sea together, relax and unwind.

I have amazing memories of vacationing with my parents and grandparents as a young girl and would like to create the opportunity for my children to form similar bonds and memories. I want them to cherish spending time with family and to know that, while you don’t choose your family, you do choose to make time to be with them.


Life Moments

There are days when everything happens on the same day. Like yesterday when our household had a sick Mama and a Papa who took the 4:40 AM train to D.C. arriving back home at 7:45 PM when the kids were bathed and ready for bed. I could have probably manned the decks myself. Probably. Definitely. But I didn’t have to because help arrived with chicken soup (seriously) and a spare set of hands to occupy children who needed attention. I never pictured my dad, a colonel in the former soviet army, as someone who will toddle on the floor with a demanding infant and a rambunctious little girl. But toddle, diaper, feed, and sing he did and with enthusiasm and grace that melted my heart.

DedaAwardOf all the things my father has done in his life, of all his accolades, this one job, the one that doesn’t come with any medals is perhaps one he is best at. Without a doubt, he wins the grandparent of the week, month award. Simply because he was there.