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They’re trouble these two. No, that’s not true. They’re proof that there there is such a thing is genuine, undisguised innocence. Sunday suppers are on and very much alive with some modifications. This Sunday, it was Sunday lunch at our house. My sister and I are sneaky you see, we planned to feed the kids and husbands and usher them out on a walk while we did some work for our business and took a leisurely boutique stroll to see what’s trendy and get inspired. I love Sugar Cube and can always find something new there. We may have not told our husbands about our plan and especially their walk. Oh well, the weather was beautiful and we both agree that there are fewer more attractive sights than men with babies.

Homemade pizza Margarita with fresh mozzarella and hand muddled tomato sauce was served alongside mushrooms stuffed with beet greens, friend onions and Taleggio cheese.  My sister brought homemade crepes which are divine and I made Swedish chocolate balls or Chokladbollen which was swiftly packed up and sent togo. The kids played together. Eliza tried to play along. She is quite the pint-sized flirt these day.


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