Tag: <span>science experiments</span>

It is suddenly the end of the first week of August. Fall will be here before we know it and I don’t feel like we’re really ready to bid adieu to summer. We started this weekend on Thursday by taking the girls to Spruce Street Harbor Park where they tried their hand at old time classics like Connect4.

There were also card games, which Sophia has really embraced, this weekend. We wait to play them when Eliza is napping or else have to contend with a naughty “helper“.

Eliza’s naps provide ample opportunities to carry out science experiments, too. Evan and Sophia conducted an experiment called “the dancing raisins” where they observed a reaction that occurs in combining baking soda and vinegar. In reality, baking soda and vinegar is an example of an acid-base reaction whereby the combining of the two produces carbon dioxide. To the four year old observer, however, the reaction is a bit of magic, but the raisins that were elevated by gas bubbles sure looked like they were dancing.

When we weren’t playing cards or carrying out acid-base reaction experiments, we spent time like most other families with young kids—on the playground swinging from the monkey bars with bubbles and chalk in our hands.