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Who doesn’t love getting mail? Not email, but snail mail. Letters in envelops personally addressed in beautiful cursive script? I know I do, and in this case, Sophia is a girl after my own heart. Actually, Evan’s Bubbie keeps a beautiful card and letter-writing tradition alive. Sophia has been fortunate enough to enjoy cards on many occasions from Bubbie and she treasures each one just so.┬áKids learn by example and Evan and I weren’t surprised when Sophia asked us to help her write a letter to her cousin Alex. Alex had just celebrated a birthday and was having a low-key celebration with his friends this weekend.

This letter is more than just a letter (in Evan’s hand)—it is direct evidence of the close and loving bond that she and Alex share. He isn’t just a nominal part of her life, but an integral player in her everyday. She thinks about him when they’re not together and if this is how their relationship is now, I can only imagine what it will be like when they are both adults.

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