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These days our lives are much like this merry go round; round and round they go. Events, birthdays, parties, and family gatherings keep popping up on our calendar and while it would be nice to have a few weekends or weekend days to ourselves, we press on and try our best to make it to every single one. Family and friendships are very important to us and we do our best to maintain them by joining in special celebrations.

I feel like in this day and age and especially at this stage in our lives, as parents of young children, it would be too easy to drift apart from our circle of friends. But the support and diversion that our friends and family provide from the at times deep-trench warfare that is parenthood is immeasurable. And so, at times beaten by dress-related battles and toddler tantrums, we press on to the next birthday bash and outing. In doing so we are teaching the girls that family and friends are relationships that must be maintained, honored, and cherished.

Food For Thought Life

Who doesn’t love getting mail? Not email, but snail mail. Letters in envelops personally addressed in beautiful cursive script? I know I do, and in this case, Sophia is a girl after my own heart. Actually, Evan’s Bubbie keeps a beautiful card and letter-writing tradition alive. Sophia has been fortunate enough to enjoy cards on many occasions from Bubbie and she treasures each one just so. Kids learn by example and Evan and I weren’t surprised when Sophia asked us to help her write a letter to her cousin Alex. Alex had just celebrated a birthday and was having a low-key celebration with his friends this weekend.

This letter is more than just a letter (in Evan’s hand)—it is direct evidence of the close and loving bond that she and Alex share. He isn’t just a nominal part of her life, but an integral player in her everyday. She thinks about him when they’re not together and if this is how their relationship is now, I can only imagine what it will be like when they are both adults.

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