Rules of Possession[s]

There has been much discussion and many emails reaching out about the entries where I detail the possessions we left behind when my family left for America. Now that my life’s possessions need not fit into two suitcases every time I move, I have put together collections of precious, valuable pieces. I have a set of rules and preferences that define what I buy, keep and like. These rules are one of those things (like traveling) that my husband and I agree on.

  • I buy and own very few clothes. In fact, my husband has more clothes than I do. I like quality pieces and prefer to own fewer, better quality articles that last and remain timeless through the years.
  • I, like many other Americans love a good bargain. That said, I don’t care about how good the bargain is if the article in question is not exactly what I want. Durable and stylish, else the retailer cannot pay me enough money to take it out of the store or put it on myself.
  • Bargain or not, if it looks good, it is a good piece and I like it, I’ll likely get it. Good things are like good men — they don’t come around too often. 🙂
  • Leather, not pleather. Wool, not polyester. Murano wool, cashmere and all things soft, breathable, fair trade, as organic as possible.
  • Shoes — Italy and Brazil
  • Purses — France and Italy
  • Wool — Ireland, Scotland, Iceland

Perhaps more important than clothes, are things that can and do last a lifetime if not more: purses, belts, and fine jewelry. I have a special place in my heart for brooches and purses. These are pieces that I have long collected, researched and will pass on to Sophia. Among my great, unique discoveries and finds are Alexis Bittar about 10 years ago — before he started to mass produce and wasn’t yet sold in Nordstrom and the likes. My pieces were hand-made by him and a small team of artisans and purchased for a quarter of the price.

These values are special, instilled in me by my mother who learned them from her mother and so on. These values I will instill into Sophia and pass on beautiful, timeless pieces too. She will know quality over quantity.

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