Keeping up with Traditions

I have a tradition I keep for my birthday. This year, however, I had a hard time scheduling my time. Well, I am here to tell you that I finally did it. This past Friday, I used up some of my very hard earned vacation time and went out and about. I got a chance to get lost in my thoughts, to wonder and walk about in the city enjoying the sights and sounds of a bustling D.C.

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One of my favorite neighborhoods in D.C., is Georgetown. It is always full of stylish people, young students, art galleries, boutiques and its streets are adorned with beautiful, old buildings dating to the early 18th century. If you don’t know the neighborhood well, and aren’t willing to get lost off the beaten path, you may just miss its quiet beauty.
photo 2 (1)Houses are at a premium in this posh neighborhood and the amenities are what draw people in. It just happened to be graduation day for George Washington and Georgetown Universities. Seeing all those young people, attorneys, doctors, engineers, architects — all delirious with joy having earned their degrees made the atmosphere electric. It was a perfect, warm, spring day and I am happy to keep my tradition. I returned home re-energized.



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