Mexican Fiesta

Why is it that workdays are always warm and sunny and weekends seem to be cool and rainy? What’s a gal to do when faced with a rainy day and a toddler with cabin fever at home? Fiery fiesta fare to brighten spirits and warm the bellies.


On the menu was mexican fiesta salad (the recipe here), home-made carnitas (the recipe here),
Jicama Jicama, mango and orange salad,


pickled onions (recipe here), and guacamole. Warm corn tortillas on the side … made for a perfect dinner. Oh and in case you’re wondering: Sophia is a big fan of her Mama’s guacamole and carnitas. We served the carnitas with sweet potato for her. Its hard chewing those crispy bits when you’re working with 7.15 teeth. 😉

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