The Ebb and Flow

Life in the city has been a big positive. We went for a walk with the kids the other day and made an obligatory stop at a local candy store in the neighborhood. On the way back, we noticed a new toy shop that just opened up and stopped by just to see what it was all about. Walking by all the boutique stores and art galleries always feels refreshing. There is a vibe of constant creativity in Olde City that is inspiring. Our lives have gone through significant changes in the last few months and while we do not yet feel fully settled, being closer to our families and in the city we love has made the transition easier.

But really, not the candy shop, not the toy store, but friends and family. This is a recurring theme on this blog but I cannot stress the importance of family. I recently placed an order for girl scout cookies from Sophia’s little cousin and instead of having them mailed, I made a coffee date with my cousin (her mom) to pick them up. The cookies are just an excuse to spend the time.

But life is in constant ebb and flow and while some relationships grow, others degrade and experience (possibly irreversible) setbacks. There is a disconnect between the heart and the mind because the heart aches from the new void but the mind knows that “you can never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary”. Oscar Wilde was wise. Relationships … whether romantic or plutonic are based on pillars of selfless happiness for the object of your affection. 


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