Just Because

I remember a long time ago when I was a first time nursing mom of a six month old someone told me they don’t understand how I can’t make time to hit the gym. Not only did I not have time to hit the gym, I also had no time to shop for necessities, cook dinner, or do much other than launder countless onesies and sustain a highly dependent six month old. Fast forward F-I-V-E years and I finally have time to hit the gym, shop, clean, cook, and most importantly spend leisure time with my girls.

That first year of parenthood was a huge shock and, at the time, I felt like it was the most difficult thing. Little did I know even bigger challenges would come our way but they too can be managed if not overcome. Evan and I had a lot of support from our families’. At first our families presence was a necessity helping with the everyday life and then, overtime, their presence has become a nice to have.

And so it is just lovely to visit with Baba and Deda complete with a walk to the park just because.

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