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There are traditions that we grew up with and then there are new traditions we make for our own kids. For example, Evan and I took Sophia to the ballet to see the Nutcracker for the first time today. The ballet at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia is a lovely affair; The venue is steeped in tradition and the experience begins well before the curtain drops just as you enter the doors. For us, the ballet is an indulgence, a real treat. I wanted to experience Sophia’s first time at a performance venue, to really take it all in, and understand her perception of everything and I wasn’t disappointed. Sophia’s eyes lit up just as soon as she entered the lobby and saw all the people, the lights, and found her seats.

The Nutcracker is such a beautiful story and I love all of the solos in it. I wanted to entice Sophia, to show her, that if she works really hard in her class, she can aspire to be a ballerina. In turn, Sophia took it all in, listened to the music, clapped when the audience clapped and paid attention through most of the two-hour performance. I think that, given her age, the excursion was a great success. Moreover, Sophia said she’d like to do this again next year, though we should wait before taking Eliza. Sounds like Evan and I weren’t the only one who enjoyed having time just with Sophia for a few hours.

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