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Mother nature continues to humble us with its might. The weather has been so, so very cold. The girls haven’t seen the outdoors in forever a week and the rest of us have resigned to a super brisk walk from the car to work and from work back to the car. We’re blessed with underground parking, you see. My sister went to university in Perm near the Ural Mountains. She tells me that the current weather would be considered a warm winter’s day. Perspective.

Housebound and running out of crafting materials, we have resigned to dancing and signing and cooking and searching for treasures around the house. Eliza has decided that sitting is for boring infants and walking with an adult’s help is much more her style. Once more, you will find Evan and me doubled over and escorting her as she takes her tiny little footsteps.

Delirious from some serious sleep deprivation we decided to capture the children as they are today.



More pictures of Eliza at 8 months, Sophia at 3 years and 4 months are here and here. Getting Sophia to agree to have her picture taken and even sit down for one has become more and more challenging. We’re not below bribery and offered her chocolate for her cooperation. Bittersweet or bitter is the only kind you’ll find at our house and as a result, Sophia has grown to love it.

Our support of local and sustainably produced applies to chocolate and we’ve been exploring what this region’s producers have to offer. Last year, we tried Mast Brothers Chocolate and this year, coincidentally also for Valentine’s day, Evan picked up a bar of this one and this one. I have to say that I preferred Tradestone’s Venezuela bar¬†due to its rich flavor and a well-balanced acidity. Sophia is an equal opportunity chocolate enthusiast for now.