Weekending: Lights and Chocolate Babka

Quite an eventful weekend around here. In addition to some great quality time with our nephew, we treated Eliza to a glamor shoot in honor of her recently passed 5th month birthday and spent some time outdoors. We took advantage of a mild Sunday to walk to Head House Square and peruse a Farmer’s Market. Turnips, berries, apples, pears, local cheeses, breads and even mmmm… chocolates were all on display looking vibrant and keeping the usually more subdued, at least on a Sunday, square quite lively. Later that evening, we walked to Franklin Square and enjoyed a light and music show which Sophia absolutely loved. And even though we don’t celebrate Christmas, it is hard not to get into the spirit of the season when everything is lit up and looks so festive.


Eliza napped through the festivities which was just as well. We were able to focus on Sophia and enjoy her excitement.

Having been quite absent from the kitchen the last two days, I decided to warm up our kitchen and home by making the dough for a chocolate babka. The recipe isn’t particularly difficult, but it does present one challenge for me personally—having to wait overnight for the dough to rise. If you know me at all, you will know that I am not patient in general and even less so when it comes to desserts and chocolate in particular. Patience I lack but not will power and so Sophia and I collaborated on the dough and waited for it to rise overnight. We made the filling and baked them off on Monday evening. The result is … well, judge for yourself.





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