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A reason to celebrate. This Sunday, we tossed aside our tanks, shorts and flip flops in favor of something a little more fancy. Evan’s cousin married a beautiful bride in a stunning dusk ceremony in downtown Philadelphia.

I do wonder what it is with Evan’s family—everyone they marry is Russian. True, Evan started the trend, but his sister and now his cousin have continued carrying this torch. It must be that they realized how close-knit and fun-loving Russians are. Whatever the reason, we’re only too happy to celebrate especially when the celebrating involves an elegant black tie gala.

As I sat back and took in the beautiful ambiance at the reception, I couldn’t help but look back to almost SEVEN years ago when Evan and I got married. It is hard to believe that it was that long ago when we said our vows to one another under our magical chuppah. Perhaps seven is not long, not when we look at our parents and grandparents, but it has been a busy, eventful seven. A Ph.D., a house, a daughter, another daughter a move, and more. Travel, laughter, tears of sadness and unbelievable joy. Low lows, indescribable highs and everything in between, everything together.

I didn’t circle Evan at our own wedding ceremony because, to me, it signified that my world revolved around my husband. I know now that it does and that’s how I like it.


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