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“Babushka said I could be an eye doctor, but I don’t want to be an eye doctor, Mama. I don’t want to be anything when I grow up; I just want to be people” said Sophia to me the other day.

There is so much sincerity in that statement. I don’t think it is fair to try and shape children into professionals; children have to be children. Their job is to play, to discover, and to be loved. That is exactly what happened over this glorious, sunny, warm Memorial Day weekend.

Relief ricocheted off of me as if I were a prisoner destined for the guillotine and somehow, magically, granted a last-minute stay. We made the most of the sunny weather and the days off; a bit of time at Rittenhouse Square, a bit of time in Fairmount Park, and last but not least, plenty of time at the farmer’s market getting excited over the season’s first strawberries.


There is nothing much else to share from our weekend other than an overabundance of grilling on our small Japanese charcoal grill, some time with a baby cousin, and plenty of R&R.

Finally, there may have been ricotta donuts stuffed with Nutella. Maybe. Let’s just say maybe so that you don’t feel so bad that you didn’t make any. 

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We watched For Grace yesterday. I’ve, over the  last few months, preferred documentaries over fiction/drama.We’ve liked Cooked and Dior and I. People’s personal stories can be so powerful and their creativity inspirational.

The movie capped off a fairly busy weekend which started with a Friday evening tour of Sophia’s art at her school’s Lower School Art Show. She had two works on displaya watercolor of a wave and a clay butterfly. We capped the visit with a stop at the playground and retired home.



IMG_5586We made it an early night on Friday to try and recuperate from the week. Busy and exhausting doesn’t even begin to describe it. The rest of the weekend was spent out biking with the kids, a brief dinner date, at dance class, and in a marathon blintz making session. My mom and I farmer’s cheeset wrapped ~90 blintzes. Mmm… That was punctuated by a home-made sprinkled donut snack and a glass of Jefferson Vineyards’ Meritage we brought from our babymoon in 2014.

FullSizeRender (12)

FullSizeRender (10)That babymoon was atypical because we took Sophia with us, toured Monticello, Madison’s house, visited wineries and explored University of Virginia’s glorious campus.

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This weekend. Long. Not long enough. Frenetic, fantastic, family-centered, filled with love. This is the time of year when I dread winter. The fall is coming to an end and I dread the arrival of bitter cold or worse yet, snow, wet snow. Thanksgiving happens during this time and almost always deflects the mind’s dwelling on what’s to come in the next few months.  

As did most other families in America, we celebrated the big holiday at home, surrounded by family and friends. My parents-in-law hosted a delicious and warm dinner. Evan and I caught up with family and family friends and returned home replete with turkey, stuffing, and dessert. One almost always needs the following day to rest up from the exertions of all that eating or to begin their holiday shopping.  

There is a big difference in being welcome and being wanted — the girls weren’t just welcome at Baba and Deda’s house on Saturda, they were wanted. Only happy to oblige, Evan and I dropped the girls off in Wilmington before returning home to enjoy a vegan lunch, rest, relaxation, cooking, cleaning, laundry, movies, and crafting. In addition to quality time with their grandparents, Sophia also received an invitation for some one-on-one quality crafting time at my sister’s house. She was over the moon about the invitation and is still talking about all that they did.

Last, but not least, and most importantly with donuts (lemon meringue donut anyone?) today all four of us ventured back to my sister’s house but this time to fulfill my nephew’s birthday present which included the assembly of this raspberry pi-based computer. Evan and Alex assembled the kit and even did some programming. The girls ran around, played, were loved on, and generally flattered about the attention and care they received from their aunt, uncle, and cousin.