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We traveled to the end of the world (okay, really it was Broad Street) to visit our old friends who just moved in to a fabulous new home. Broad street is going through an incredible renaissance. Did you know the Divine Lorraine is under new ownership? Her new steward promises to return the Divine Lorraine to her previous glory once more.


We had a lovely time visiting old friends as did the kids. Sophia bonded with their little boy while Eliza cooed about the baby. It feels like just yesterday we were hanging out with our friends in college and now we are watching our kids play. Time flies.

Sophia and Eliza visited the Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend with their Grammie and Pop. They had a  great time and especially enjoyed the butterfly exhibit where everyone gets a q-tip with sugar water to help attract the butterflies.

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And just like that, the weekend is over. It went by too quickly and I desperately need just one more day off. One more day to spend with the girls and Evan.


For the first time in what seems like forever, the weather forecast shows that we are not expected to freeze for the next few days and that alone gives me hope that spring may arrive yet. Another sure sign that winter has departed is the arrival (and departure) of the Philadelphia Flower Show. The show is a big event drawing crowds from near and far and reducing the convention center area to a standstill, especially on a weekend when the Reading Terminal Market is in full swing. Having been away for a few years, we decided to partake in what used to be our yearly tradition of visiting the flower show. Sophia went as well, though earlier in the day on Sunday and with my in-laws. This year’s theme was Disney and she was dressed in, according to my mother-in-law, a mandatory princess dress. She put the princess dress on later in the evening and now our entire house (including the toilet seat and now our bums) is covered in glitter. Needless to say, we will be retiring her royal wardrobe as a cost cutting measure since our “palace”, unlike Buckingham, does not employ an extensive cleaning staff. But I digress…




As per usual, there was quite a bit of cooking since we had on-hand help from both sets of grandparents. I made this vanilla-bean raspberry swirl cheesecake that is was divine and so very beautiful. Alas, Sophia has decided that she doesn’t like cheese and even adding cake to the name wouldn’t sway her. Except that she eats mozzarella and cheese ravioli (though we call that just ravioli). Oh well, more for the rest of us.



And when we weren’t visiting the flower show, baking a cheesecake and getting treats from our local ice cream and candy shops trying to soak up every warm ray of sunshine outdoors, we were … living and enjoying.




This move, our life is more than ever crazy, busy, and exhausting. Still, it is thrilling, wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it for all the sand in the Sahara.


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