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There is no shortage of art in Philadelphia. There is the Art Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Barnes Foundation, and the countless murals gracing the sides of our buildings. I’ll never tire of Philly’s arts and do not take the city’s offerings for granted. Moreover, Evan and I try to immerse ourselves and the girls into the ever-evolving arts scene in the city.

This weekend was a jam packed with activities including but not limited to a birthday party for one of Sophia’s friends. As Eliza wasn’t joining in the festivities, she and Evan embarked on a daddy-daughter morning which included fluffies, the Race Street Lier, the Spruce Street Harbor Park, and a temporary art installation called Habitus.

Installations such as this one provide the opportunity to use one’s own experiences and perceptions to develop an [unique] understanding of the artist’s message.

Art, fresh air, and steamed milk seem like the perfect morning but the real star was simply time—time that this father and daughter shared and experiences over which they bonded. Culture and art, as we see in this picture, don’t have to be serious and, at least in our family, are balanced with a good measure of giggles.

Sophia’s birthday party and Eliza’s art-filled morning followed a day at Baba and Deda’s house where the girls relived some of my own childhood memories with my grandparents.

All kids, no matter their age or gender enjoying playing with dough and creating. Before there was play doh, there was real cookie and pie dough.

Last, but not least, we spent time with Evan’s parents, grandmothers, and sister on Sunday evening bonding over matzo ball soup and politics. And when our bowls were empty and we made peace with the current political situation, we played with the girls. This weekend, much like all the weekends that preceded it and all the ones that will follow it, went by quickly.




Full disclosure—we are actually homebodies. You may not think so once you hear about our weekend, but we can always rest and lounge later when the winter finally arrives and the snow starts.

Starting our Saturday in the most perfect way, we hosted friends of ours for a breakfast/brunch/lunch. I made sticky buns with a honey caramel and toasted pecans which were quite good and Evan whipped up an onion and red-pepper omelette. Freshly-made buttermilk pancakes and a butternut squash soup rounded out the menu. I can’t say this was entirely effortless, despite seeming like an easy menu but something about Eliza deciding that she needed to be cooking with me slowed me down. On the upside, I had the sweetest little helper.

Sophia and Eliza loved playing with our friends’ little girls who are three and 6 months. Eliza especially couldn’t get enough of the baby. She talked about the baby for the rest of the day. There was, despite the small quarters, plenty of hide and seek, puzzles, crafts and books. We rounded out Saturday with an evening walk to Franklin Square to see their holiday music and light show. Sunday brought Sophia’s dance class and a dinner out with some friends. Sophia and our friends’ son colored and practiced their spelling while we caught up over Mexican fare. It was a lovely night.

Between time spent with friends, we cooked, relaxed, lounged, knitted, hosted pretend tea-parties and practiced “reading”. See for yourselves!



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