When asked, most people will say that they very much enjoy eating out at restaurants. There are of course many reasons for this including the fact that you are served on, do not have to do the dishes, and the food tastes good (usually). A significant reason why restaurant food is sometimes (or more often than not) described as superior to home cooking is appearance. After all, we eat with our eyes first.

So today I am showing off some of my mom’s creations. There are few more welcoming sites (besides anything chocolate) than these which greeted us when we went home for a brief visit two weeks ago.

Mom's Cabbage Pie
Mom's Cabbage Pie
Mom's Cherry Pierogies


Mom's Cooking

If you’ve stumbled on this blog and read the About page, you may wonder how and why anyone would become so passionate as to share their stories on a blog.

My passion for travel, for good food was instilled many, many years ago and is continually reinforced by my own family. I grew up in the former Soviet Union, in a family where warm, sweet aromas were always wafting out of my mother’s kitchen. My mother learned her craft of cookery from my grandmother with whom my sister and I spent a majority of every summer.

My family traveled around a fair bit and while I was born in Ukraine, I spent the first nine years of my life in Baku, Azerbaijan. My mother cooks predominately Russian food but has an excellent handle on Azerbaijani/Middle Eastern dishes such as Dolma, Shish Kebab, Qutab, Dovga, Shirin Plov and many others.

My sister and I were never picky eaters. Perhaps, this is because the food was always so good or perhaps because we connected food with being together as a family. Nevertheless, I aspire to do the same for my daughter and will document my trials and tribulations here.